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Curriculum Vitae

Andrzej Piegat was born on August 1, 1947 in Stargard Szczeciński (Poland). He studied in the Faculty of Machine and Ship Construction of Technical University of Szczecin, were he received his M.SC. degree in 1971. He pursued an individual plan of studies and attended lectures both in his main faculty and in Electrical Faculty of the university for additional education on automatic control. In 1971 he began his professional work at the Department of Mechanism and Automatic Control Theory managed by Prof. Jerzy Soldek. The department has undergone consecutive developments in following years becoming the Institute of Ship Automation, Institute of Computer Science and finally Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems in 1999.

Andrzej Piegat received his Ph.D. degree in 1979 in Technical University of Szczecin. His doctor's was on `Proposal of a mathematical modeling method of discrete productionprocesses on the example of ship construction'. As an early Ph.D. graduate he investigated problems of construction and control of underwater vehicles. Results of these investigations were collected and published in 1988 in Rostock (Germany) in monograph `Bewegungsverhalten von Unterwasserfahrzeugen mit offenerRahmenkonstruktion' (Motion dynamics and automatic control of underwater vehicles of open-frame construction). This monograph constituted the basis for the D.Sc. degree he received from University of Rostock in 1988. In 1994 Andrzej Piegat achieved position of the Professor of Technical University of Szczecin, while in 2001 he was awarded the Belveder Professor title from the President of Poland, Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

Andrzej Piegat has successively managed following organizational units at his university:

Since 2000 he also holds position of a Professor of University of Szczecin at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management and acts as the manager of the Department of Economic Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

In last 20 years the main subject of his scientific interests has been artificial intelligence and its technical and economic applications. Results of his investigations were published in following books:

At present Andrzej Piegat investigates topics of completeness interpretation of probability, non-regular fuzzy modeling based on knowledge points of experts, solving methods for problems with information gaps, modeling uncertain data, decision making in uncertain conditions, aggregation of uncertain experts opinions and applications of linguistic knowledge basis, especially in modeling of human, mental multi-criteria.

Andrzej Piegat has performed many organizational duties at West Pomeranian University of Technology (Technical University of Szczecin until 2008) and is a long-term member of the Senate of this University. Apart from the duties at the University he is member of the Section of Fuzzy and Neural Networks in Control Systems and the Section of Decision Support of the Committee of Automation and Robotics of Polish Academy of Sciences.

During his academic career Andrzej Piegat has been a reviewer of scientific achievements for multiple D.Sc. candidates and ordinary professors and has acted as an evaluator of many doctor theses, scientific projects and Polish and international articles published in various scientific journals and conferences. He was member of scientific program-committees and organizational committees of multiple conferences (e.g. International Multi-conference on Advanced Computer Systems (ACS), International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (ICAISC), IEEE International Conference on Methods and Models in Automation and Robotics (MMAR), Congress of Young Scientists (CYITS), and other). For his achievements in scientific, didactic and organizational activities Andrzej Piegat has received several awards from Rector of Technical University of Szczecin.In 2002 he received the Award of the Minister of Science and High Education of Poland and the first award in Competition Szczecin-Award Allianz 2002 "Culture-Media-Science". Andrzej Piegat is an active propagator of popular-scientific knowledge about artificial intelligence in Szczecin, where he gives lectures for social organizations, radio and TV.

Private hobbies, apart from science

Hiking (trekking): he is an active member of the Walking Tourism Club "Wagabunda" in Szczecin. He plays accordion, likes singing and composing "camp fire" songs. He also likes traditional jazz, operetta, primitive folk-poetry and good food. He drinks beer in mugs as large as possible and red, dry wine in normal glasses.